Tuesday, 26 July 2011

On site piece of mind

Here at Bearfoot Graphics we have been providing graphic operators for live events for nearly 15 years now. With a wealth of knowledge, creativity and experience behind us, we really have seen it all on site! From the power going down due to a toaster being plugged in to full on arguments between delegates we know how to keep a cool head and deal with pretty much anything.

Our services onsite include providing powerful high end graphics laptops capable of out putting HD images for even the widest of super wide screen displays. All our laptops are maintained to the highest standards and updated regularly with the latest software.

For added piece of mind, all our operators and equipment are fully insured for all onsite work both in the UK and worldwide.

We use the latest fully licensed software in our studio and on all our onsite laptops, including PowerPoint 2010, Keynote 09 and the entire Adobe CS5 Suite (including Photoshop. Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects), and of course we are proficient in earlier versions.

Having worked at all kinds of events, including conferences of all natures, Gala dinners and award shows, exhibitions and road shows, we understand the technical side of any event very well and integrate ourselves smoothly into any situation.

We understand that for an event to be successful everyone needs to pull together, we are team players and regularly work with sound engineers, AV technicians, production managers and producers making sure we provide exactly what the client wants.

Regularly working with CEO’s and MD’s from some of the world’s leading companies we are used to high pressure situations and tight timelines, always remaining calm and working with a smile on our face.
We can work in any kind of graphics operator role, whether it is running a PowerPoint deck by cue light, working with speakers and an autocue operator to cue a script and follow a speech live, or working with a script writer and producer to create slides from scratch.

On all our events we bring our creativity with us, all our operators are fully fledged graphic designers as well as presentation experts.

This means where appropriate and necessary we will add our creative input. Working with your clients during rehearsals to design and generate slide content, helping them to communicate their messages better and transform their presentations to ensure the graphic content is the best it can be.

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