Monday, 31 October 2011

Benefits of HTML marketing

We’ve all heard the saying that you “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, however if the cover is not interesting and appears complicated then the book is likely to remain unread. The same rules apply to marketing and self-promotion material, if your message is received critically then it’s failed before it had chance to begin.

If you have a message, be it promotional or informative it’s important that you understand how it might be most effective both in time and cost, whether you’re aiming your message to the right types of people and how you are going to measure the success of your marketing.

In building up our business, we have tried a variety of marketing ideas including telemarketing, direct mail and small and large format printed advertising. But over time we have found that one of the best ways for us to stay in contact with our clients and produce sales leads has been via HTML Email.

Email marketing produces results! A well designed campaign using a properly managed mailing list can give response rates which are higher than any other marketing methods. The ability to keep clients constantly updated with new pieces of work and articles that are relevant to their industry can allow you to build a reputation of experience, skill and reliability.

Flexible & Adaptable
Email marketing is flexible in supporting a business in many different ways and can help to achieve a wide variety of goals. While email marketing is often seen to maintain customer relationships rather than forge new ones, it is in fact able to fulfil a variety of different purposes for your business such as:
* Increase website traffic flow
* Attract new clients
* Strengthen existing relationships
* Offer free and expert advice
* Increase awareness of your brand or services

The more focussed your message, the higher chance of a successful campaign. HTML Emails provides an opportunity of customising each message sent; ensuring the information, promotion or offer can be individually tailored and targeted.

Cost Effective
Being able to quickly create imagery and content eliminates substantial amounts of time and expense, whilst quickly provoking the same benefits of any other medium but giving you the option of changing any information you need with very little additional cost.

By creating an HTML campaign correctly you’re able to track the results of your campaign in real time, permitting you access to instant statistics and patterns of its success, allowing you to respond to developments as they happen and to follow up while the campaign is still in progress. The experiences taken from the campaign can then be applied to future campaigns with a high degree of accuracy.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” and understanding the success of your marketing is more important today than ever, to best ensure the use of your budget and timescales. In addition to tracking the recipients' reaction to the email, you’re able monitor their path to, and through, your website, allowing an understanding to the success of the landing page and the anticipated route depending on your campaign's objectives.

The speed at which business happens is constantly increasing. Email marketing allows you not only to keep pace with these changes but stay ahead of them, not only in terms of the speed of response to the campaign but also the creation of the campaign itself.

The creation and distribution of the email campaign is also quick. Carefully constructing, producing and sending a good html email which is going to bring the top level results, need only take a matter of days rather than weeks for a printed mailer.

The ease, flexibility and cost effectiveness of this marketing platform has accelerated HTML emails into a new era, allowing you to easily stay in contact, show off your work and skills and provide clients with knowledge and advice. All of which will lead to more sales and an increase to business.

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