Monday, 31 October 2011

The Big Kick-Off has arrived!!!

So we’ve had some eventful warm up matches and still aren’t completely sure of all the rules but it won’t stop us cheering on the boys, although a bit blurry eyed and probably still in our jimjams!
But England will go into the 7th rugby world cup as an outside contender; then again as everyone knows no one can predict what will actually happen. With every world cup there’s always a few first round shocks and some surprise performances. The host for this year’s worlds cup is New Zealand, who are favourites to take their 2nd world cup, their first came in the first ever world cup in 1987.
New Zealand is a full 12hours ahead of us so a lot of early morning rises if you want to catch some of the games, to keep you up to date with the fixtures and timings we’ve designed a wall chart for you to print out, fill in and make sure you don’t miss a game!

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