Friday, 17 May 2013

Bearfoot Graphics onsite graphics operators ensure your live events run smoothly

There is no doubt that working live in any profession is pretty daunting, this is never more true than working as a graphic designer on live events and conferences. The ability of the onsite graphics operator to rise to the challenge and really feel at home backstage can make the difference between a successful event and an unsuccessful one.

With a collective experience of over 30 years in the live events industry, our onsite graphic operators have been involved in pretty much every type of event, from intimate business meetings to large car launches to multi-room corporate conferences and even a couple of events which included indoor live ammo and chainsaw demonstrations!

We are not just PowerPoint operators. We are creative graphic designers too. We know what content will work on screen and, more importantly, what won’t. We understand the power of imagery and the clarity of correct fonts and colours. We love creating stunning graphics to enhance the event’s theme making the content interesting and memorable.

Interpreting slide content is one of our best skills, we constantly work hard to help our speakers unlock the power of their presentations by developing effective content and helping them to deliver it in a compelling way.

With so many events under our belt we really understand audiences, we use this experience to suggest strategies to the presenter, which will aid them in delivering their message to the audience without distracting them.

Presenting at an event can be a stressful experience, we believe that it is very important for a speaker to feel supported and have someone on their side. Our experienced onsite team work hard to create a rapport with the speaker very early on, we see it as being crucial to creating great graphics for them. A friendly, can do attitude goes a long way to developing this relationship and is something we pride ourselves on. Really getting to know the presenter, their content and how they like to present, makes pre-production, rehearsals on site and the event run smoothly.
Our role differs from job to job, but we are more than comfortable with any situation, from following the cue light or working with the speaker and autocue operator to mark up a script and create graphics.
The buzz of a live event is something you just can’t replicate in the studio, speakers often deviate from the rehearsal or change their mind, technical issues arise and you need to react fast and calmly and you most definitely have to be able think on your feet. But it’s what we’re well used to and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We love working in the live events industry and hope we can work with you again soon.
Call us on 01420 520 865 to discuss your next live event project and how we can help.

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