Friday, 17 May 2013

Taking Your Business To A New Dimension

One key factor in creating a successful business is to stand out from the competition in the eyes of your customers. Your products features and benefits need to be easily recognisable; demonstrating them effectively however, this is often a difficult task. The integration of high resolution 3D models and lifelike digital animation provides a solution in which potential clients can visualise a product’s uses and advantages in a way far more effective than any still image or word, written or spoken could ever be.

A 3D model is a representation of an image or idea that is simulated in a computer generated 3-dimentional environment. The technique of visualising designs in 3D is an effective way to communicate fictitious, abstract and real ideas. Anything from characters, objects or full environments can be created in 3D space. Your imagination really is the limit. Some of the other terms used to represent 3D graphics you may have heard of are artist impressions, renders, stills and CGI (computer generated imagery).

We have all witnessed 3D animation being used in big budget Hollywood blockbusters (like Star Wars) and in family films (such as Toy Story) but how many of us have seriously thought of using them within our businesses?

Historically, 3D visuals were only used in the film industry because of the time consuming process and high expense. However recent technology and software advances, have led to dramatic reductions both in cost and the time involved, putting 3D firmly within the reach of most businesses. Nowadays 3D visuals are commonly used in the business environment being frequently incorporated into commercials as well as other forms of B2B (Business-To-Business) and B2C (Business-To-Consumer) corporate communication.
So what are the advantages with the use of 3D technology?
  • Exact proportions and dimensions can be used. Combining this with photorealistic renders mean very accurate concepts can be created.
  • Early visualisation of a product allows final adjustments to be made prior to moving onto the expensive production process reducing both cost and the chance of errors.
  • Objects can be scaled up or down, rotated and moved. This dynamic interaction allows objects to be viewed from any angle and displayed just as intended.
  • Models can be reused rather than be created from scratch every time. This means they can be used on any type of media with ease (screen, print, web).
  • 3D visuals can often be cheaper to produce than using live actors – there are no film crew costs or studio and prop rental expenses.
  • For pitching there are massive benefits to using 3D visuals to demonstrate ideas or concepts before outlaying much larger costs.
  • Different styles can be used to present your object. Photo-realistic, cel-shaded (for a cartoon feel), untextured (a basic looking model that can be produced relatively quickly) or CAD renders (which are used mostly for technical representation for engineers, architects etc.).
  • Internal training videos can be enhanced and become more memorable.
  • By utilising 3D within you’re your business, your company logo and messages come to life making them a lot more engaging for your audience.
Here at Bearfoot Graphics, we offer a full 3D design solution – from concept to creation. This includes:
Hubert the Bear
BrightFuture Exhibition Walkthrough
Bearwick Whisky
So You Think Know London?
If you would like to know how 3D visuals would help to promote you, your product or your business get in contact. We can advise as to what type of visuals you need, when you need them and how they help to communicate with your audience.

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